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Photos by Fortman pt. 2

Photos by Fortman
pt. 2

1308 663x405 1

We keep seeing James Fortman’s pictures around and we even see him at the beach
once in a while too. So we thought it was time to hit him up for some more of his stuff.
And he just keeps getting better. Above is Poles on Christmas Eve.

2 brian switzer 671x391 1

Later that same day, Brian Switzer finds some shade.
Brian told Fortman he didn’t have any pictures of himself surfing, so James took this for him.
Now he does….

3 brian 600x375 1

Switzer again, same session.
Check out the afternoon sun shining through the lip.

5168 466x600 1

Aaah, home sweet home..
We like the tilted horizon on this shot, mostly cuz it looks cool,
but also cuz we know how it irks the “professional” photographers.
We never got that rule. Our heads are on a swivel, so the horizon isn’t always perfectly level.
Deal with it.

6141 648x421 1

Unidentified in a classic pose.
Check his right hand, dragging behind..

7 brandon smith 633x433 1

James says this guy, Brandon Smith, was getting five times more waves than anyone else.
Check out how much of his board is in the water…

8131 600x391 1

A gorgeous morning for dawn patrol at everybody’s favorite spot.

9 edit 656x352 1

A backlit grinder goes unridden.

10102 600x369 1

The last moments of daylight make for a moody photo.
Notice the surfers reflection in the foreground.

11 devereux 600x405 1

Last drops of sun make for a surreal image.

12 shaun tomson 600x468 1

Shaun Tomson ripping the top off a set wave.

1381 667x453 1

Wow. This is our favorite shot, hands down.
Nice work.

1475 600x433 1

High tide and still barreling.
No, he didn’t make it off the foam ball.

17 edt 600x420 1

Shooting straight into the sun, through a beautiful green wave.
This makes us want to go surf, right now.

1963 600x477 1

Lines, rolling in.

2066 640x396 1
21106 664x372 1

OK. Wow again.  This is another favorite.
The glassy foreground texture, the sunlit spray, the boils from the dangerously shallow water,
the dude with a board in the background = exceptional photo.

2549 600x431 1

Another late afternoon barrel slips through unridden.

goleta1 673x351 1

The wispy clouds and the lip being feathered back by offshores are just beautiful
distractions from the fact that this guy is getting a sweet little barrel.

goleta2 543x342 1

So inviting….

goleta5 387x600 1

You know it’s glassy when you see the reflection of the wave in the wave!

goleta6 600x588 1

James, getting intimate with the shore pound.
Look closely and notice the little blobs of foam caught in mid air.

goleta7 600x415 1

Translucent lip, trapped in time.

goleta3 697x292 1

This photo is so amazingly crystal clear, it’s makes another thing perfectly clear.
There’s no where else like this.
Makes us wanna say,
Viva Goleta.
And please, keep shooting James.