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Bishop Ranch

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While this website’s main concern is surfing, we are also very concerned with
Goleta’s quality of life.
With that in mind, we would like to let you know about a large development being
proposed for the Bishop Ranch.

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You can see the Bishop ranch when you drive between Storke Road and Los Carneros, either on
the freeway or on Cathedral Oaks. At 240 acres,  it’s the last large chunk of undeveloped land in
Goleta, but developers from Los Angeles would like to build 1200 homes there.

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For longtime locals, it’s a familiar theme. Through the years we’ve watched the orchards get
bulldozed to make room for more houses, destroying one of the main attractions of Goleta.

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The city council just recently approved a 100 house development called, “Haskell’s Landing”
just across Hollister from the Sandpiper golf course.

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Meanwhile, just down the street, these beauties remain to be sold.

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And other recent developments still have vacancies; not to mention the glut of
single family homes on the market.

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So do we need 1200 more homes?
If they build them, they will eventually sell. And then we’ll find out how many cars come with
1200 homes…

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The first hurdle the developers have is to get the zoning of the Bishop Ranch
changed, from agriculture to urban. This is why we bring this up.

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Thankfully, the city council voted 5-0 against this project!
But you can be sure, eventually, the developers will be back…..

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Long Live Bishop Ranch!

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Goleta is a beautiful place, and we hope to keep it this way.

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Here’s a good article from the Independent about it.
Click Here

Enough politics;
Now back to surfing….