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Callie Bowdish

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If you’ve never seen Callie Bowdish’s web site, you’ve been missing out on a lot of quality
photography. She takes photos of lots of things, but of course, we enjoy her surf
photography the most. Here’s a random sampling.

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What we didn’t know about Callie, was that she’s one heck of a surfer as well. She started
surfing in the early 70’s and has surfed in contests from Malibu to Hawaii to Santa Cruz.
Here she is on a incredible Rincon beast.

CallieRincon80 s 600x428 1
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Callie still likes to surf when there’s a good swell running, but she’s not a fan of crowds.
We hear you on that one Callie. Here she’s surfing Jalama.

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A big part of the fun of surfing for Callie is being with her friends.
Here she is with some of her buds in December 2004.

bowdishstoker 600x400 1

Callie’s husband John Bowdish with Randy Stoker at Dev, 2004.

JohnSands 600x373 1

John Bowdish has the stoke of a teenager, but the skills of a journeyman.

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Callie took some great photos of Big Wednesday, 2005. Here are a few.

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This is just a small sampling of Callie’s photo collection. If you’d like to see more,
go to her website at Thanks Callie, keep taking pictures!

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