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Colin Schildhauer

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One of our finest, up and coming young surfers, Colin Schildhauer, is making his
mark in Goleta surf history. A product of our own points and sandbars, he’s
pushing himself, and surfing, to another level.

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Colin started surfing when he was in the fourth grade on his dad’s  7’10”  Haliewa Country board.
He and his buddies surfed Campus Point, from the stairs at Poles, to I.V. beach, and made up their
own names for all the little sandbars and breaks they found.

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Surfing with his friends and pushing each other to try new things and improve, Colin tried
to emulate moves he saw in surf movies. He was also was influenced by some older Goleta
surfers that he surfed with a lot, guys like Tyler Anderson and Bobby Morris.

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When Colin was 13, he started competing, and had immediate success. Before long he won
the NSSA  Western Championships, the Huntington Beach Surf Series and the Billabong Surf
Rat Series, which allowed him to get some major sponsors and travel around the globe.

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Colin is still competing in Pro Junior events and some carefully chosen National WQS events.
Although he loves to compete, Colin says most the time a contest is being held, the waves
seem to suck, and nothing can compare to free surfing for hours in perfect waves.
Except maybe winning a contest in perfect waves.

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Check out this Indo bomb.
World travel is one of the perks of being a great surfer, and Colin has done a lot of
traveling. He’s surfed Costa Rica, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, Hawaii and Indonesia.

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We asked Colin where he liked surfing best, and he said all the places he’s been
have unique waves and conditions, but nothing can compare to a solid west swell
rolling through good old G-Town.  Good answer.

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or now, surfing is Colin’s career, and he plans to do his best in the remainder of
the Pro Juniors series.  Keep pushing it Colin, and keep making Goleta proud!

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