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Dave Johnson

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Goleta Surfing stopped by the hallowed shaping room of Mr. Dave Johnson the other day
just to say hi and see how he’s hanging. He, of course, was powering out on board after
board, singlehandedly keeping his cash flow rolling in.

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In case you haven’t heard, Dave’s house burned down in the Tea Fire. That hasn’t dampened
his spirits, however. He’s the same old friendly dude, surfing when he can, and happy to chat
and share a laugh; just don’t get in his way while he’s working, he’s on a mission.

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While Dave and his family’s insurance will provide them with some funds to rebuild their
house, that’s about all they’ll provide. Rebuilding can take a long time, so in the meantime,
they’re renting a house and living day to day.

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Dave was saying how you don’t notice what your missing, until it is needed. Little odds and
ends lying around the house, that we take for granted, all have to be replaced as they’re
thought of. This is what the Johnson family is dealing with along with the shock of being
suddenly displaced in your own hometown.

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They are stoked to be in a house now, and out of the hotel they called home for too long.
And while the house is nice, it needs a lot of work, which also requires time and money;
so they are as busy as ever.

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On a side note;
If you ever get the chance to watch a shaper do his thing, it’s quite an art. Truly a craft to
behold. And as many boards as Dave has made, all his actions are precise and economical,
no wasted movement. All done while carrying on a conversation.
But don’t get the idea you can just barge in and watch, they may tell you to get the F*** out!
After all, how would like some schmuck to plop down in your cubicle and watch you work?

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Bottom line is, Dave Johnson is alive and well and cranking out quality hand made,
LOCAL surfboards. Go buy one!
If you don’t need a new board right now, but you’d like to help Dave and his family get
through a very difficult time, there’s a donate button on his website at

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