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Demi Boelsterli

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It’s about time we recognized a Goleta gem who’s making her mark, one
wave at a time. Demi Boelsterli is going places in the surfing world.

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Demi is hooked. She’s been hooked on surfing since she was about 12 years old,
and now she’s good and hooked. So good, in fact, she made the USA Surf Team!
But if we want to watch her surf, all we gotta do is go down to Campus Point and
she’ll probably be there.

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Although she’s only 16 years old, her surfing reflects a wave
knowledge that can only come naturally, and her powerful style
is sure to impress the judges.

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Demi started surfing at the ripe old age of ten, at the Pit. A good place to get you on your feet quick.
But the longer lines at Campus Point got her stoked and now her favorite wave is Rincon.

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Demi looks up to Bobby Martinez and Dane Reynolds for inspiration, and it
shows in the aggressive moves she makes; and attempts to make.

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One of the hazards at Campus.

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Demi’s future ¬†plans are to push it on the WQS, travel and surf all around the
world, and make it big on the WCT.
Demi, we have no doubt you will make Goleta proud.
Congratulations and the best of Luck!

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