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Jeff Gill Photos

A Goleta local for 35 years, Jeff Gill has taken lots of great
photos of Goleta surfers. ¬†Lucky for us, he’s decided to
share some with Goleta Surfing.

Adam Lambert 600x400 1

These first two are professional quality shots of Adam Lambert.
Seems like Adam knows how to find the barrel.
Check out the glass curtain below!

Adam Lambert 124 600x324 1
Andrew Bennett 173 600x400 1

Locked into a dream wave, Andrew Bennett displays classic form.

Cliffhouse 5197 525x350 1
colin030 600x400 1

Here’s a couple of Goleta standouts, Colin Schildhauer above,
and Daniel Prichard, below.

DanielP 1 600x400 1
dolphin encounter 600x400 1

This is every surf photographers dream, dolphins in the line up.
Jeff started taking pictures in the late seventies, when he was living on the North Shore of Oahu.
He’s been hooked ever since.

Jalama 600x400 1

A perfect day at a world class break, above.
This photo appeared in the 1996 Surfer Magazine calendar.

Oxnard 1 600x465 1

These are a few of the reasons our friends down Oxnard way
have been known to break car windows.

Oxnard 2615 600x400 1
Scotty Otis 540x358 1

Scotty Otis, in position.
Jeff’s photos have appeared in Surfer, Surfing and Islands magazines.

Unknown 4254 585x388 1

Campus firing.
Jeff thinks this is Brian Wilcoxen. Whoever it is, he’s a happy boy!

Tyler Anderson 4232 j3 600x382 1

Tyler Anderson, Goleta surfer and shaper, ripping up his home break.

Tyler Anderson 4180 600x340 1
Overhead 4311 515x335 1

Ventura Overhead, Big Wednesday, 2007.
Thanks for sharing with us Jeff, keep taking great pictures.