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Kenny Jorgensen

Kenny Jorgensen

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Kenny Jorgensen has been surfing Campus Point pretty much all his life, and when there’s a
good swell running, you can tell. He’ll be the guy up on top, waiting patiently for his wave. He
moved to Goleta from Racine, Wisconsin when he was 2. When he was 10 years old, he paddled
out into the very empty line ups at either College Point or Poles. His mom would drop him off at
Goleta Beach at Eight in the morning, he’d walk up to the point and surf all day. He taught
himself to surf there, and he’s still going strong.

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This is Kenny when he was in Junior High. He just got home from church and
pops told him to pose with his home made board.

Kenny with surfboard224 336x420 1

This is a sweet Andreini Kenny’s
posing with, one of his all time
favorites; “sweet and fast”. His
bro-in-law still has it but he
won’t sell it back to him!
We think you should have kept the
board, and gave those shorts to
your brother-in-law!

abc581 408x421 1

Another beauty of a board.
Kenny was a shop rat at
Surf’n’Wear, and all he can
remember about this board is
that it was from there. He still
has fond memories of hanging
out with Jeff, Rodger, Mary, Char
and the gang.

kenny311 291x450 1

This was Kenny’s first of many surfing trophies.
He got first place in a contest at Hammonds, held
by Dave Brown, Chris Brown’s dad.
Kenny remembers it fondly, ” 4 to 5 foot, glassy,
low tide and perfect!”
Now all the trophies are in a place of honor;
gathering dust in the attic!

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Kenny slashing Rincon in the mid 80’s.

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Above is at Campus Point, a few years ago, in the slot. Nobody else was out this day!
Kenny has a lot of respect for some of the local guys he’s been surfing with for years. Guys like
Ricky Ryan, Cappy, T.A., Brian Wilcoxen, Brad Johnson, and a lot of the Campus, ” Anti-Stu” team.

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Kenny’s dream surf session is 6 to 8 foot Cojo with his son and his sons in law,
and now that dream and others can be realized more often with his new toy.
His 21′ Greenough built by Anderson Boats in Goleta.

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That should help him to get away from the crowds like these that are unfortunately
a big part of his old stomping grounds.

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KennyNavygig 258x396 1

Another part of Kenny’s busy life is playing drums.
This is one multi talented dude,
living the California dream.

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Ken runs his own business, Jorgensen Plumbing, and he comes highly
recommended by all his happy customers. You’ll recognize him around town
by the “Viva Goleta” sticker on his work truck.

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Mr. Jorgensen’s most favorite hobby of all is hanging out with his family;
Mary, Rylee, Aaron, Heidi, Michaela, Hanna and his sons in law, Phil and T.J.
And now, this Goleta surf rat’s a grandpa!
He’s Stoked!

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Kenny is a cancer survivor and is ready to get on with his life.
Congratulations Kenny, and keep enjoying the good life and all these beautiful girls in Goleta!

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