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Paul Baragona

These photos are of an old friend and Goleta boy, Paul Baragona, at Sands on
Christmas day, 1976. Usually a Haskells regular, Paul and his brother Matt
went to Sands this day to get some surf shots.

sands7 570x345 1
sands4 525x334 1

Although leashes were available, no self respecting local would be caught
using one. Besides, the ocassional swim to the beach for a board kept the
lineup from getting too crowded. Doesn’t look too crowded…..

sands2 525x342 1
sands3 525x360 1

Check the classic Yater Paul’s sporting; single fin, yellow. He bought it used for $35!
The guy he’s chatting with on the beach is some dude named David Puu.

sands6 540x373 1
sands1 540x353 1

Paul’s still surfing today, living in Central California, but surfing Goleta whenever he can.
Thanks for the photos Paul.

sands5 540x358 1
baragona 575x600 1

A 14 year old Paul striking a pose with his buddy’s dog.