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Photos by Fortman

campus4 672x448 1

A few weeks ago we got an email from a viewer who told us how Goleta Surfing helped him
survive a long stint living in Sacramento.
His name is James Fortman, and turns out, he takes some great surf photos himself.
Here are a few of his photos he was nice enough to share with us.

campus22 689x353 1

James first lived in I.V. family student housing, while his dad was a stu at UCSB.
His earliest memories are of  weekly walks out to Sands and playing with his sister along the cliffs
and in the dunes. Try that nowadays….

campus3 656x433 1

James bodyboarded from a young age but didn’t learn to surf until junior high.
Before junior high he only really went to the Pit.
Campus was the first point break he surfed; his friend Ryan Skelton introduced him to it and he was
immediately hooked. He didn’t go back to Hendry’s.

campus drop 682x454 1

Fortman got into surf photos about the same time he learned to surf at campus, junior high, 1992.
He started off with disposable water cameras, but got a Minolta Weathermatic for Christmas in
1993. After a few years of abuse it succumbed to the sand and saltwater. James just got an SPL
water housing in October and has been enjoying using that.

big wednesday 654x433 1

Big Wednesday, December 13th 1995. James ditched school this day. He and Ryan Skelton started at
Sandbar in the morning, then went to Campus around midday. Meanwhile, his friends Brandon and Robbie
had started the morning at El Cap and then met them at Campus.
It was so good, they surfed here ’til dark.

clay8 677x389 1

Clay Pfaendler, in the slot..

crosse fb 638x448 1
dave 693x454 1

Goleta shaper and surf icon, Dave Johnson.

depressions2 600x398 1

This shot was taken with a disposable camera in 1992.
In high school, James and his friend Brandon Cover had this crazy idea to make an
artificial reef at Depressions.
They got a bunch of chicken wire and rocks and were gonna fashion the chicken wire into a
triangle shaped cage thing and fill it with the rocks. Then take it out on Brandon’s little
inflatable and drop it at Depressions.
They we never figured out how to anchor the damn thing to the sea floor and gave up on it.
Sounds like it might work…

depressions22 600x313 1

Depressions perfection.

elcap1 716x199 1

A good day at the Captain.

elcap22 600x401 1
elcap3 600x461 1
elcap4 673x370 1

Two waves worth of pounding…
…..and if he did make it through, a shoulder hopper bonus!

elcap5 600x300 1
goleta beach 670x360 1

Long, clean lines at the pier.
These days are few and far between

moondrop 600x443 1

Night surf with the new housing.

moonpeak 699x262 1
campus2 600x403 1
pitch 600x402 1
refugio 689x454 1

Refuge from the storm.

sands surf check 600x361 1

Sands surf check.

sands22 600x419 1

Uh, yeah…looks good.

campuslagoon 640x448 1

Thanks for sharing James.  Awesome photos.
We look forward to seeing more!