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Vinny Leonelli

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If you could do it all over again, wouldn’t you spend every afternoon of your youth surfing?
Well this guy is doing it for you.
Vinny Leonelli is on it, literally, every day.

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Every evening we go to the beach, one thing is for sure; Vinny and his dad Paul will be
there. Either in the water, or on the beach waiting for conditions to change.

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And if they’re not there, then we’re jealous: cuz we know they
probably found better surf somewhere else.

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Vinny was born way back in 1996.
He started surfing when he was 11, and now 2 years later, he’s ripping like a vet.

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He got turned on to surfing at none other than Sheppies Beach Camp.
That would be Dennis Shepard’s camp for kids that he puts on every summer at Haskells.
It doesn’t get much more local than that now does it……
( Nice work Dennis!)

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In the past couple of months, Vinny’s surfing has got some attention, and now he’s got
sponsors; like Esteem Surf Co., Body Glove, Loose Cannons Unlimited and most recently,
Haskells Designs.

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So if you ever see this kid surfing, stop for a minute and check it out.
He’s got skills, and if you’re familiar, you’ll notice the similarities between his
style and another Haskells boy.

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Vinny’s favorite surfers are Slater, Reynolds and of course, Bobby Morris, who has taken
Vinny under his water wing, if you will.

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In addition to a quality surf mentor, Vinny has a Dad that is more than willing to take him
to the waves every day, which is a huge plus.
How many of us surfed with our Dads every day?
Pretty rare.

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Vinny Leonelli hopes to go pro someday, but in the meantime, he’ll be having fun
doing what he loves: surfing, every day.
Enjoy it Vinny.