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4th of July, 2007

4th of July, 2007

4th of July, 2007

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Since we’ve had about two weeks of solid wind swell, there was nowhere else to spend the Fourth than at the beach. We got to Haskells about 5 pm to find a packed parking lot and a full blown locals reunion going on down at the beach and, of course, surf.

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Funny thing about wind swells, if you hang out long enough, you can see some pretty extreme fluctuations in wave size. Everyone told me we should have got there an hour earlier, of course.

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The conditions were perfect. Glassy green waves, blue sky, warm water and a beach full of happy people. Very few of which were surfing!

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To be honest, I only took pictures for a few minutes between sessions. Around sunset, the size bumped back up to the head high range. We surfed until the sun was well below the horizon, just a small group of friends, no one else out. Perfect.

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After dark, the traditional fireworks show began, Goleta locals style. The pyrotechnicians were all primed up and ready to go. Just another day in paradise.

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