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A Change of Peso

A Change of Peso

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Hey, that ain’t Goleta.
Exactly. Sometimes you gotta change the scenery, even when you live in a great place like
Goleta. Especially when you’re enduring one of the worst winters for surf in recent history.
Goleta Surfing took a little fact finding trip south of the border recently and we thought we’d
share our findings with you all.

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While it wasn’t exactly pumping down there either, there were some fun waves.
The water temp was like a bath tub and the locals weren’t too uptight about
sharing some waves. Even with Spongers.

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There were plenty of gringos as well. But the vibe was always laid back
and mellow. Look at that water……

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We noticed this little stud one afternoon out all alone in tiny surf right in front of the
restaurant. The kid was ripping it, oblivious to any onlookers. Serious business.

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Speaking of restaurants, eating in Mexico is always a pleasure.
Our favorites are always on the side of the road or on the beach, and never
indoors. Mixed with plenty of chile and alcohol, you can eat most anything
and come out like a champ.
Knock on wood.

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The happy senora above is cranking out fresh tortillas and the
hombre below is working the Pastor. That’s a pineapple on top of
the post and the meat on the bottom, in case you’ve never had it.
It’s good.

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After dinner, we usually stumble over to the plazita, the town square.
Most every little town has one, usually right next to the church.
During the day, it’s where all the old dudes hang out and at night, it’s
a skate park! This guy’s name was Pollo. I think I know why…

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He wasn’t chicken, at least when the camera was out.

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Here’s a couple surfing pictures.

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How is Mexico different
than Cali, you ask?
Let us show you some

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You got dudes cruising through town on horseback and old dudes
collecting octopi for dinner.

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You’ve got guys willing to risk their lives diving off rocks blindfolded for a
buck and you’ve got guys sanding boards in the street, with their power cord
running through puddles of water, while arguing with the boss.
Not sure which is more dangerous….

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We got to see a very expensive boat get totaled on some rocks and the
Mexican Navy Sealamentes came to the rescue, eventually.
That was different.

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You can ride in this panga to remote surf spots with a cool surf vato named Oso
Negro. He didn’t do this when we had our boards in there luckily.


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There are a lot of different shapes and sizes of reptiles that
we don’t have here. If you’re into that stuff.

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And you get to surf without a wetsuit. And we all know surfing without
a wetsuit is good….

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So that’s why it’s good to get away once in a while, no matter where you live.
So go! Maybe we’ll get some surf in Goleta while you’re gone.