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April Fools

April Fools

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Seasons change.
Folks back East think we don’t have seasons here. But if you live here a while,
the change becomes obvious.

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April 1st, 2010 gave us a glimpse of winter and a long afternoon of spring.
A cold evening of rain, and a little snow, gave way to a beautiful sunny spring day.
Mother Nature’s April Fools Day prank.

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Warm temps with a cool breeze, green hills and everything in bloom.
That’s spring in Goleta.

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And surf.
Spring brings a nice mix of ground and wind swells,
giving a surfer plenty of options..

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Mark Morey always seems to put himself in the right places.

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While the spring winds can muck up a lot of spots, a little effort and some
local knowledge can help you find a protected break.

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Paul and Vinny Leonelli are always thinking, and they usually figure out where
to get the finest surf.

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This was Vinny’s third session of the day.
Young and stoked.

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If you don’t live here, this is what spring in Goleta looks like.
About 50 yards from the surf.

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Few people have more local knowledge than these guys.
The Smith Brothers, Dustin and Landon, have spent their whole lives surfing the
Gaviota Coast.

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And few people have more fun in their backyard.

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These guys ran out of the bushes, right past the crowd, and up to the top,
where they paddled into their own empty line up.

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And lots of empty barrels.

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The only fools this April 1st, were the ones that stayed inside and watched TV.

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