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Basque Waves

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Goleta Surfing took a little airplane ride to visit beautiful Spain to sightsee
and visit friends and family.

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Saw lots of crazy stuff, stuff you don’t ever see in the States….
Except maybe at Disneyland.

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These folks love their fresh bread…

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And their not so fresh meat.
Literally, unrefrigerated hog legs hanging everywhere!

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We knew we’d see lots of fancy architecture and streets older than anything we’ve ever seen.
But we were a little surprised by something in a little town called San Sebastian….

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The water was a pleasant 70 degrees and crystal clear.

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Clear enough to get some cool jellyfish pictures!

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The first day we were there, the waves were tiny.

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But the weather was so nice, and the water so inviting,
we had to put our selfie stick down for a minute, and rent a surfboard.

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And as luck would have it, the next morning it was pumping at Zurriola Beach.

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Turns out, a lot of Spaniards surf.

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Also turns out, San Sebastian is a tourist surf destination.
So there was a multitude of people speaking a wide variety of languages in the water.

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Also turns out, San Sebastian has a lot of surf schools….
So, bottom line, lots of heads in the water.

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Luckily, the bay is pretty good sized, so there’s room for lots of people to spread out.

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The day brought some good sized sets, but for the most part they were fast, hairy close outs.

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But it was fun just to be out there, on a beautiful morning, with an incredible view to absorb.

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The warm morning sun, the whomp of the sizeable closeouts, and the cool sprayback from the stiff
offshore breeze, all made for one of the highlights of the whole trip…

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A few waves held open for a bit, but most were kamikaze missions.

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Every now and again, a local veterano would score a nice drop on a manageable shoulder.

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All in all, kind of a surreal situation for a Goleta boy to find himself in.

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Until next time, San Sebastian.

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