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Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never
A week of waves

465 525x343 1

This is the rock at Campus.
Saturday morning, January 17th, 2009. The morning that everyone was waiting for.
The morning that the “big swell” was scheduled to arrive.
This was a set wave.
The ISF moved it’s scheduled contest from C street to Campus Point because the waves
were going to be too big. All week, we had been getting phone calls and text messages
about the incoming swell. The Aleutians were firing, Kauai was pumping. Surfboards
seemed to be on top of every other car starting on Thursday. If you questioned the
accuracy of the reports, you were ridiculed.
The hype machine was in full swing.

550 600x328 1

So the big day came. And it fizzled.
Some kids wished they were at C street.

835 420x358 1
1521 405x258 1
731 450x355 1

But at least there was surf. That’s more than we’ve had in a while.
And the kids made the most of it.
This is Nick Eggemeyer, enjoying a wave post heat.

638 395x327 1
936 555x411 1

Michael Furukawa was enjoying the swell, despite the contest.
So now, the talk turned to how fast the swell would build. We decided to head to
a better suited locale to receive the incoming onslaught of epic waves the
Internet had promised us.

13a2 600x245 1

Did we mention what a beautiful day it was?
Gorgeous weather. Close to eighty degrees. No wind, clear skies…..
Perfect conditions.

se7 600x199 1

And there was some surf. Chest high sets with long lulls. But good, clean, surf, nonetheless.
And we were happy to get that, to be sure. It had been way too flat for way too long.

se8 600x261 1
header43 600x101 1

Sunday, January 18th, 2009.

551 600x425 1

The swell was slowly growing. As were the crowds.
Sixty cars at Naples and a Highway Patrol officer that pulled onto the shoulder to say,
through his loudspeaker, that we would get a ticket if we crossed the freeway.
That was enough to get us to go to good old Devereux Point.

1032 600x228 1
2125 600x377 1
1141 600x400 1

The waves were picking up and the afternoon sunlight made for some pretty pictures.

1325 600x448 1

Check out Santa Cruz Island!
Looks like the painted back drop in a museum exhibit.

379 555x443 1
1819 600x333 1
836 600x531 1

The crowd was pretty thick, but not nearly as thick as the kelp.
Our lack of winter swells has allowed the kelp to flourish, tangling up a quick turn around
and grabbing at your fins down the line.

1225 555x395 1
1522 540x396 1
spart3 485x412 1
2016 414x435 1
sup42 600x379 1

And then there are these guys……
We are trying to get along with “the New Wave” of surfing, but here are two different reasons
stand up paddlers are upsetting a lot of surfers.
Common courtesy would go a long way here.

sup2 600x311 1
3014 690x409 1

Overall, a beautiful, fun filled day in Goleta.

header44 600x93 1

Monday, January 19th,
Martin Luther King Day

640 600x220 1

Day three of a unseasonably warm holiday weekend.
Also, the third day of waiting for the swell to really kick in. So with school out and lots of
folks off work, in the lineup was the place to be.

2126 600x292 1
1142 600x191 1
380 450x336 1

And while there were waves, the lulls could last up to half an hour.

558 480x314 1
735 600x427 1
837 600x316 1

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

1143 600x367 1

We missed Tuesday, which of course, every one said was awesome. So we made a point
to get out Wednesday, and we were not disappointed. The waves came much more
frequently and the size had increased noticeably.

2127 555x355 1

Bobby Morris

1144 600x293 1
466 500x324 1

Adam Rondepierre

559 600x445 1
381 465x420 1
938 540x420 1

The weather had also changed. A storm was moving in, and while it
looked ominous, it was very warm and tropical. The wind was on and
off again, but not a factor. There were fun waves to be had and the
crowds were thinning out.

736 495x409 1
838 600x442 1
1226 455x384 1
1918 600x409 1
2017 510x379 1
1326 600x401 1

So it looks like our winter surf has arrived!
A solid week of waves and more on the way.
Viva Goleta.