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Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View

qb 6 600x401 1

We’ve all watched these guys cruise by and fantasized about being able to see
through their eyes.

above all 447x319 1

Recently Goleta Surfing got to make that fantasy a reality with the help of these guys,
Above All Aviation.

pilot2 414x403 1

Experienced pilot Joel Sullivan took us up one beautiful Saturday morning for a
casual sightseeing cruise in the skies of Goleta.

cockpit3 600x400 1

We climbed into the single engine Cessna, just like you’d pile into the family car for a
Sunday joyride, only we were going up into the wild blue yonder.

airport 600x316 1

We decided to let this little guy go ahead of us…

plane9 541x391 1

While Joel showed me which radio stations had the best tunes.

lakeloscarneros2 600x400 1

And then we were up, and looking down, at all the spots and places we’d known for years.
But they look so different from this angle, like Lake Los Carneros..

stow house 600x529 1

And Stow House.

DP 2 600x443 1

The old Alma Mater, DPHS.

bishop 600x309 1

It’s amazing how much land behind the foothills we never get to see.

winchester 600x496 1

Good to see that behind the scenes, Goleta still is a thriving agriculture town.
Ssshhh…..don’t tell the Goleta Chamber of Commerce….

embarcadero2 636x425 1

The gorgeous Tecolote Canyon, aka Rancho Embarcadero.

eagle canyon 600x343 1

The rural beauty of Goleta’s west side. Eagle Canyon, still a real ranch.

eagle canyon2 600x365 1

Looking the other way, there’s Farren Road and Haskells’s pier.

dp big house 658x288 1

The historic big house at DP Ranch.

el cap campground 600x491 1

The most expensive campsite in town, El Cap Canyon.

Gaviota coast4 600x367 1

Refugio Canyon.

circle bar b 600x408 1

Local favorite, Circle Bar B Ranch.

arroyo hondo3 600x477 1

<p”>Arroyo Hondo

poison oak 600x335 1

As you can see we chose an amazingly clear and flat day,
so we knew we weren’t missing anything.
It would be fun to do this when there’s a big swell running,
but I reckon we’d be at the beach that day….

popco 600x442 1

Also tucked away in some of these coastal canyons are some ugly little secrets.
The Las Flores Canyon Facility  produces oil, propane, butane, and sulfur products.

tajiguas landfill 600x345 1

And the lovely Tajiguas Landfill.

reagans ranch4 600x482 1

The Western White House, Ronnie Reagan’s ranch.
As the most powerful man in the world, he could have lived in a huge palace anywhere he
wanted, but he chose a little ranch house where he could ride his horse and chop fire wood.

plane6 600x450 1

It was crazy how loud it was in this little plane.
We had to wear a headset and use microphones to talk to each other.

plane7 583x436 1

The good thing was all the noise drowned out the screams from our passenger….
Screams of joy, seriously…

UCSB3 694x393 1

Meanwhile, in Gotham City….
Oh wait, is that UCSB?

UCSB 631x421 1

Looks more like UC Irvine. But I guess that’s what the students are used to so…
Home Sweet Home.

campus point 600x446 1

But let’s get back on the coast.
Everybody’s favorite, Campus Point.

campus33 634x270 1
campus24 655x655 1

Learning spot for countless surfers through the years.
When it’s good, it’s very, very good.

UCSB lagoon2 696x296 1

A little place called Depressions.
The lagoon actually looks clean in this shot.

IV 674x346 1

Nope, that’s not Bangladesh, that’s Isla Vista.
When school’s in session, there are 20,000 people in one square mile.

IV2 652x435 1

Isla Vista is said to have the highest alcohol consumption per square mile in the nation.
The California Alcohol & Drug Council estimates over 9000 kegs are consumed in I.V. annually,
and that’s not including liquor, or beer cans.
And just offshore, some very pretty kelp.

dev2 646x361 1

90% of the 20,000 surf here…..
Often all at the same time.

sb shores 647x365 1

Ellwood Bluffs and the butterfly forest.
One of Goleta’s gems.

ellwood oil derricks 647x432 1

Some of the few remnants of the Ellwood oil piers,
with Sandpiper Golf Course overlooking them.

kates cactus2 600x543 1

Ancestors of Kate’s Cactus cling to the bluffs below Sandpiper.
To learn more about that Click Here.

haskulls gas plant 636x425 1

In the upper right is Venoco’s natural gas plant,
and on the left is the sacred hill above Haskell’s Beach.

haskells2 680x348 1

Home Sweet Home to generations of Goleta locals, Haskulls.
On the left is Tecolote Creek, on the right is the road the developers built
and then decided we couldn’t use, and in the center is the most expensive
and poorly constructed outhouse in America.

bacara2 600x358 1

My Grandma told me when you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all…….

haskellspier 600x400 1

Haskell’s pier.
It used to be twice as long, but it’s still in use as the take off spot for oil derrick workers.

kelp 600x357 1

This was an amazing day. Warm weather, no wind, clear water
and the kelp looked like artwork.

kelp 2 600x358 1
seals 600x454 1

Some places that had a lot of seals, the water got pretty murky.
All the better for Whitey to hide in…..

seals2 478x600 1

The Gaviota Coast.

naples3 600x471 1
dp ranch4 600x400 1

Dos Pueblos Ranch. One of the most beautiful places in the world.

dp ranchito 656x391 1
refugio3a 638x366 1

Refugio Campground with the canyon in the background.

refugio4a 641x412 1

And the point that never breaks. Trust us, it never does….

arroyo quemada 642x417 1

One of the Gaviota Coast’s hidden neighborhoods.

gaviota coast2 600x471 1
arroyo hondo2 600x430 1

Arroyo Hondo, where you can hike up the canyon.

mariposareina2 600x417 1

“Mariposa Reina from the ocean side.
A lot of people ask about this beach. All we can say is go check it out. This is one beach we are
encouraging folks to go check out. It’s a beautiful spot that doesn’t get enough attention.

ranch3 600x406 1

This place gets more attention than they want, so they built a guard station.
Hollister Ranch.

ranch2 637x425 1
ranch4 600x400 1

A little slice of heaven with more rules and regulations than you could shake your stick at.

ranch42 600x400 1

It’s flat and we’re not naming spots guys, relax….

cojocamp3 600x384 1

We got as far as Government Point when we had to turn back,
or Vandenberg would shoot us out of the sky.

cojo 662x346 1
plane4 600x271 1

We hope to do this again someday soon. So much to see, it’s hard to take it all in.
Thanks to Above All Aviation for setting it up and we recommend them highly
if you ever want to take a cruise in the sky or learn to fly.
Cool local folks that have been in Goleta for years.