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Campus Exposed

Campus Exposed

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Longtime Goleta surfer Keith Zandona was kind enough to share this classic article about
Campus Point from Surfer magazine in 1965. It was written by one Dewey Schurman; wonder
where he is now….
Look at this photo closely. Where’s he standing?
No fence.
He’s well south of the stairs, if they even existed yet …..

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Man, these days, if Goleta Surfing wrote a story this straight out about any spot,
we’d be burned at the stake. So many details.
Times have changed.

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Judd Henks,
Tom McCray,
Tom Linker,
Brian Mowatt.
You guys still

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So there they are…the Poles.
Now just a name that most don’t even stop to ponder….
But who knows why those poles are there??

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“……Threat to close Campus Beach due
to increasing acts of vandalism”!
Must have been those damn locals…

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In this text, Schurman describes a sunny July day.
“156 boards in the water with the surf running about one foot.”
And he mentions how Kemp Aaberg and others had it all to themselves a few years earlier. The
exact same gripe we have today about certain other spots in Goleta! The more things change,
the more they stay the same….
Another notable thing here: among the newcomers ” from the South Bay” he mentions are
Doug Roth, who went on to became a legendary Goleta shaper and opened one of Goleta’s first
surf shops, and Jeff Kruthers, who is now the Hollister Ranch Realtor.

A huge thank you to Keith Zandona for sharing this vintage snap shot of
Goleta Surf history.
Keith first surfed Campus in 1959 and went on to have a long career
defending our coast with Surfrider.
We hope to have more from Keith in the near future.