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December to Remember

December to Remember

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What a winter this is shaping up to be.
Swell after swell has managed to find our shores, in varying sizes and degrees, so there’s
been surfable waves consistently for months!

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Take a moment to remember last year at this time. Didn’t that suck?
Last December we ran a page of unused junk shots called Random Offerings, cuz
we had zero surf. This year we got too many waves! A good problem indeed.

1938 720x439 1

This is Goleta native John Shields on a pristine December morning.
He said he hadn’t surfed for a while. Then he paddled right out and dropped into this gem.

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The crowd at Sands was light and mellow this day. Plenty of waves to go around.

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2332 425x292 1

Evan Gambetta was getting lots of fun ones.

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2830 600x360 1

As you can see, the conditions were perfect. Warm sun and a light offshore.
There were some lulls, but when a set came in, it got your attention.
And all 100% hype free!

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3421 570x467 1
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Around the corner, Devereux was lining up nice.

4123 450x247 1

This series is all one wave. One of many for John this day.

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2166 495x261 1
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Gotta love that light offshore feathering on the lip.

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One of the many advantages of an abundance of waves, is the fact that folks get surfed out.
Which results in less bodies in the water at any given time.
Which in turn results in a great mellow vibe and a happy bunch of surfers!

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4017 495x354 1
4124 600x319 1
4217 600x386 1

Dang, this is making us want to go surf…

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4515 480x281 1
4617 600x336 1

Let’s get artsy…..

46art 600x336 1
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Look at that glass wall.

9411 470x278 1

This is our new buddy Cody from Solvang, making the drop into a
beautiful green wall.

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962 510x280 1


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So the order of the day is: Get it while it lasts, because we don’t get it like this very often.
And next summer, when we’re spending more time looking for surf than actually riding
surf, remember this December.

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And the month ain’t even over yet…..

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