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Dog Days

Dog Days

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July 2007 was actually a pretty darn good month for surf in Goleta. Summer usually means lots of long drives north or south, but this year we had warm water and waves.
A great combination.
Here’s a sampler from a few different days.

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Sands was probably the most consistent spot, but there were waves to be found in unusual places due to some west ground swells popping up; in July!

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49 600x310 1
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We don’t know this guy’s name yet, but he rips. We’ve seen him at Sands a few times now, standing out.

135 600x478 1
dolphinsurf 600x346 1

All mammals seem to like to frolic in warm waves.

dolphs 600x370 1
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145 600x256 1

These guys showed up at Sands on a warm morning and practiced some of their moves. Looks like fun.

pullout 600x323 1
164 600x243 1
107 600x249 1
1111 600x183 1

Sometimes you have to make a quick exit when you’re surfing a steep wind swell wave. There’s as many methods as there are surfers. Above, you’ll see the sharp and precise “Sheppie Slice” method and below you’ll see the artistic and soulful “Furukawa Flyaway”.

mic52 600x352 1
2b 600x368 1

A couple of more advanced exits are the “Air Morris”, above, and below you’ll see the “Eat the Lip” method, both of which can be quite dangerous.

68 600x361 1

So, here’s to the dog days of summer.
We’ll miss them when we’re pulling on our 4/3 suits and our booties.

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