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Endless Winter

Endless Winter

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Wow. This winter has been good. Some rain, some snow, and lots and lots of good surf.
Let’s hope it keeps up for a while.

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This was Monday, January 25th, 2010.
We got word Campus was good, so we took a look and found a handful, (a large handful), of
guys having a great time on the occasional overhead sets rolling through.

2170 600x535 1

Ian Jenkins was all over it.

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5715 546x600 1

Chris Willingham with a nice slash on a Randy Cone board.
(One way to identify a local.)

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965 450x330 1
2932 600x435 1
3423 600x503 1
3622 465x464 1
3919 600x469 1

Ian Jenkins was enjoying himself, to say the least.

3820 600x424 1
3722 600x363 1
5615 645x427 1

As the sun dropped, the sets kept filing in, and no one was in a hurry to get home.

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4914 495x451 1

Joseph Yee was getting his fair share on the inside.

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So we all know by now this winter has been phenomenal. Every week brings a
couple of swells, all at great angles for Goleta. When people ask if we got any
of that last swell, we have no idea which swell they’re talking about!

5911 600x324 1

Look at the size of this wave! Did you get any of that swell?
Last winter this would have been the swell of the year, “Big Monday”.
This year, it was just one of many.
Lovin’ it.

5019 600x314 1

Which brings us to this point.
We’re posting a lot of pictures of dudes shredding it up on here, and guys are
taking copies and posting ’em on Facebook or whatever, which is cool.
We love stoking you guys out, that’s our goal.

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But if you could give us a mention or photo credit, we’d appreciate it.
We don’t wanna have to get all uptight and start labeling everything.

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1941 600x369 1

All the animals come out for a winter storm.

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2334 465x374 1

Big splash.

3328 600x455 1

Big splash could be a problem on the old camera lens…

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3138 600x412 1

Right place, wrong time.

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871 600x481 1

Joseph Yee, airborne.

4620 503x600 1

So as we enter February, let’s hope the swells just keep on coming.
And give us an endless winter.

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Make the most of it.

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