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Fat Tuesday 2

Fat Tuesday 2

Fat Tuesday

40 600x380 1

There was a lot of these laying around.
Lots of guys are gonna have new surfboards on their Christmas list.

41 404x465 1
14camp 346x510 1
1411 705x316 1
266 600x399 1

Goleta boy Ricky Hayes drops in on a homegrown bomb. Booya.

257 600x399 1
275 600x399 1
286 480x449 1

Nice backside slash.

317 600x333 1
415 600x277 1
304 425x391 1

You can run but you can’t hide.

318 600x351 1
354 600x328 1
343 600x327 1
362 600x396 1
383 600x399 1
442 455x402 1

Matt Wessen, above and below, was a standout, making some heavy drops and setting speed records on the huge faces.

422 600x378 1
453 570x403 1
502 600x375 1

Just about sunset, a guy on his cellphone says ,” Hey, Kelly Slater’s at Devereux right now.”  His buddy replies, ” No he’s not, he’s right there!”

492 331x450 1
483 455x357 1

Suddenly, we’re at a world class break.
All the crowd was buzzing as we watched the eight time world champion make his way to the rocks at Campus Point for his professional water entry.

592 600x377 1
582 600x600 1

And there he stood, for like, half an hour. Made for a great photo op!

2slater 600x386 1

Eventually, he jumped in on the Depressions side of the rocks and paddled out through a set, narrowly escaping a rocky encounter. We had heard he surfed at Sandspit and Devereux earlier in the day, so the guy must’ve been spent, but he made it out and >dropped into a monster close out. Then we lost track of him.

522 600x372 1

So overall, an amazing day of surf in Goleta. We went home knowing the next day was supposed to be even bigger!

522 600x372 1
533 380x372 1
552 600x329 1

Hard to imagine…

4campus 600x336 1
9camp 600x198 1