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Flat Morning Walk

Flat Morning Walk

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What do you do when you have the day off, the sun is shining and there’s no surf?
We decided to take a hike on a remote stretch of beach and see what we could see.

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We took an occasional foray up onto the bluff tops, where spring was
nearing the end of what was one of the best displays in years.

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All that rain this winter didn’t only help the wildflowers bloom, it also gave the insect
world a big boost. This may look like a flock of birds migrating, but it’s actually a
swarm of gnats, a huge, spinning, cloud of gnats.

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The Gaviota Coast is best enjoyed with humans absent.
Unfortunately, this is becoming harder and harder to accomplish.

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Back down on the beach, we came across this beast of a jellyfish.
Not sure what kind it was, but it was large.

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Another sign of the seasons changing.
The creeks aren’t quite reaching the ocean anymore.

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Anybody recognize this?

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Lines, tiny, tiny little lines.

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This real estate holding just got a little smaller….

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This guy likes the Gaviota Coast better without people too.
I guess that means me, doesn’t it…

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He was a hurtin’ puppy, left behind by the rest of the gang. You can see it in his eyes.
These photos were taken with a zoom lens. We didn’t get so close as to freak him out.

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Looks surfable, but it wasn’t really.

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There’s more than one way to enjoy the beach.
Next time it will be with waves. We hope…