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Flat Out Gorgeous

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Early November 2019, Falling into winter and the mornings get a little cooler.

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Went on my morning walkabout, because you don’t know until you go.
Only found a lone fisherman at this beach.

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But wow, look at where we live.

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Surf or not, just serenity.

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Just to sit quietly and listen to the tiny waves lapping.
Smell the fresh morning air. Feel the autumn sun warming up.

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But my goal was to get in the water, so continue the search.

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Off to my old reliable.

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If there are waves anywhere…..this is the place.

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And there we have it.

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Happy to be here, regardless.

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As I sit and observe, I realize something…

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Every 6 or 7 yoga poses, a little set rolls through…

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Unfortunately, the Stoke Bros. are already all over it.

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Hooting and hollering with every “epic barrel”.
Good for them.

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And good for yoga girl, for getting out there and not giving a crap what me or anybody else thinks.

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As I’m leaving I pause to check on the good old abandoned sail boat.

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It just recently got towed away, but it “decorated” our coastline for months….

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So, that was my morning walk one November morn.
Surfwise, uneventful.

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Pretty flat, but flat out gorgeous.