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It was a cold Saturday morning in mid-February 2011. A powerful storm had
dumped more rain on Goleta throughout the night, and the dogs needed
desperately to get out and run, so we headed down to our favorite beach.

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We didn’t bother to bring a board, but luckily we did have a camera handy…

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Because while the surf wasn’t epic, there were some fun ones, and the crew that showed
up to ride them was quite an assortment.

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Already in the water were Vinny Leonelli and Parker Waugh.
Two amigos that can be found surfing together more often than not.

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In fact, there’s rarely a day that they can’t find a wave to ride,
or more accurately, shred.

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We used to have trouble telling them apart sometimes, but as they grow, they are
developing their own unique styles. Both very good and fun to watch.

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Both these guys are on the undefeated Dos Pueblos Surf Team that just
beat Santa Barbara for the first time in years.
And they’re only freshmen….

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Parker and Vinny are part of the next generation of Goleta surfing.

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Soon enough, a few more guys paddled out: all locals.
Here’s Pesky, having some fun.

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Nice day for a walk on the beach…..
These touristas had to be asking themselves, “How much did we pay for this?!”

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Meanwhile, this kid’s out in the dirty runoff doin’ stuff like this….

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A few more guys paddled out and joined the fun.

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Joseph Yee, another Goleta boy, came out for his share.

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And he got it.

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A couple more guys paddled out that have paddled out here before.
Eric Knudsen and Cappy Pettersen return to a wave that’s been here for them
since they were the groms….

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And they still have just as much fun as the youngsters.

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Somebody said if there was a tube out there, Cappy would find it.

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They were right.

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On all our profiles, we ask the guys who they thought were some of the best Goleta
surfers ever. Cappy Pettersen is always on that list. And he’s still shredding..

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Down the beach a ways, Knudsen was having fun with a whole different style.

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Not that long ago, Eric was one of the next generation, (second from the right),
rocking the surf scene with the crew up at S-Tubes, hanging out in the little bit of
forest they called “the Green Room”.

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Now on to another generation of Goleta boys, free to enjoy the same waves
they did, and the same beaches they called home.

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That doesn’t mean the veterans are done having their share of the fun though…

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Vinny and Cappy, sharing waves and stoke.

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