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Going Backside

Going Backside

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It’s that time again.
The winter swells start to dry up and we look to the back country for our diversions.

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Due to another drought year, our spring was short but sweet.

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There’s still the occasional wind swell here and there.
When there is, Bobby Morris and Trevor Scoggins are usually on it,

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Keep in mind, these guys always make it look better than it was….

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Less wind swell than usual this year, or at least it seemed like it.
Maybe we just aren’t looking as hard for it.

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We finally figured out how Bobby does all these crazy things.

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His magic surfboard does tricks with or without him….

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Meanwhile, on the backside of the mountains, the water dwindles…

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But just like a wind swell, the harder you look, the more you might find.

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These guys were stoked to find something besides salt water to frolic in.

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This dude has managed to stay wet so far..

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The native flora was in its full summer bloom.

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We also found a little baby Horny Toad. You don’t these guys much anymore…

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So once again, we are thankful for where we live.
There’s always some fun to be had if you go look for it.

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Viva Goleta!

All photos taken by Tom Modugno