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Goleta the Green Land

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Winter 2019 has been a doozie.
A solid mix of surf and rain. Lots of rain.

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And the wide range of greens in our foothills shows it off.

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Our famous Goleta waterfall has made lots of appearances,
if you were looking…

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Goleta agriculture is smiling….

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The cattle ranches are brimming with delicious, moist grasses.

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Thems some happy cows.

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Some of the chaparral is already popping with aromatic blooms.

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All the flora is pumped up.

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As are the wild animals…

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And the domesticated ones….

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And the ones we aren’t too sure about..

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This winter has also been very rainbow friendly,
making rainbow pictures almost as commonplace as sunset photos on social media.

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The creeks are pumping tons of silt to the sea, hopefully to make a sandy beach somewhere.

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And since this website is called Goleta Surfing, here is a picture of a person surfing.
Lots of dirty water and not too many clean waves in February.
Most surfers went snowboarding…

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So get ready to enjoy an amazing Spring!

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Viva Goleta the Green Land.