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Granite Escape

Granite Escape.

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We live in an amazing place.
And this summer has brought some very unusual and beautiful weather events.

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But surf has been absent, even more than most summers.

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So we packed it up and headed for the big mountains.
To a place we used to go a lot back in the day.
The western Sierras.

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The landscape was just as breathtaking as we remembered, even more so.
But a few things had changed.

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The trail in got way longer and quite a bit steeper.

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And the altitude was a factor. Twenty years ago, we didn’t even consider that.
Now, it was a valid excuse. At least for some of us.

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Pablo seemed fine with the whole deal.
That’s a good thing, because he had all the adult beverages in that backpack…

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But all the difficulties made the reward even sweeter.
A pristine lake with not another soul around.

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Most years, there’s still some snow around at 9,000 feet.
This year there was none. But there were lots of colorful wildflowers blooming like springtime.

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We were in the Dinkey Lakes Area. And it lives up to it’s name.
There were amazing little lakes most every which way you went.

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Pablo made it a point to swim in every single one….

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We enjoyed a few swims as well.
With the minimal snowfall last winter, the water was the warmest we had ever felt up there.

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There’s something to be said for getting off the grid once in a while. No computers or cell phones.
You appreciate the simplest of things.

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Like catching fresh fish for dinner.

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A relaxing smoke.

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And nightly happy hours with live music…..

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….with a down and dirty floor show.

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When you’re the only human awake at a remote mountain lake, watching the sunrise can be a
spiritual experience. Every bird call echoes in the emptiness, fish jump and shatter the quiet,
and the air is so fresh and pure, it’s intoxicating.

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We never saw any bears, but just in case, our pantry was hung high.

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We really hope it’s not another 20 years before we get here again. It’s only a few hours away….

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Until next time…..

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Check out the trip through Tony’s
video camera.
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