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Green Window


When the hills are green, and the creeks are running, the ocean has to take the back seat.
At least for me. You may disagree, especially when we’ve had steady surf…..


But this year especially, with the displaced Los Angelenos clogging up our surf spots,
the empty wilderness has been my preference.


However, finding some wilderness that’s empty has also become a challenge, given all the
“Corona refugees” that are off work and scouring the internet for new trails to explore.

gato 13 662x490 1

But, where there’s a will, there’s a way.
And thankfully, Goleta has lots of little nooks and crannies to get lost in.

gato 1 397x600 1
gato 3 671x408 1
11039 695x341 1

With our late season rains, even the tiniest creeks have swimming holes,
and that comes in real handy when it’s 80 degrees out.

7242 684x466 1
2506 687x378 1

The short window of time that our hills are green is a powerful draw.

4302 709x476 1
mon8 710x492 1

Powerful, indeed.

redrock10 662x471 1
mon6 691x460 1

Early Spring, it looked like the rain was done, and things were already drying out.
But March and April brought some heavy rainfall, and a second wave of green erupted.

mon2 672x450 1

This day, we enjoyed the show as a cloud dumped on Santa Cruz Island.

mon1 600x400 1
gato 5 686x451 1

My partner and I travel light and quiet, and don’t interfere with the local
( He always wears a leash and we never leave behind shit bags.)

gato 2 600x458 1

We saw more California Newts then we’ve seen in years. A good sign.
Of course we did not touch them.

sal 600x362 1
sal2 658x428 1

One day we stumbled on a pool with about 15 newts, many of them locked in the throes of
reproduction. A few sets appeared to have a third partner involved.
A nurse maid supervising?…..or a menage a trois?

sal1 600x492 1
gato 4 682x434 1

Saw lots of signs of the big guys. Prints and scat all over the place.

redrock9 689x505 1

Came across a few rattlers. It’s a good years for snakes.

snake2 600x399 1

This little guy tricked me.
I thought it was a baby rattler with no rattles, but a friend that knows these things taught me
that Gopher snakes flatten their heads as a defensive mechanism.
Live and learn….

s6 689x338 1

Of course we didn’t completely turn our back on Mother Ocean.
We got a few fun sessions in.

s13 708x376 1

And even when it was flat, it was a beautiful Spring.

s22 678x332 1
s52 685x410 1

This day I accidentally made Levi sand art, just by sitting on my ass.

taj 1 688x436 1
taj 4 702x419 1

Another fun animal to see this time of year are whales.
See the little splash near the middle of this shot?

taj 5 693x396 1

Just stopped in for a surf check and this guy was greeting me.

taj 6 600x383 1
2507 684x450 1

Another gorgeous day we stopped in at everybody’s favorite beach to check the surf.

3404 600x380 1
11040 600x481 1

As usual, a happy Goleta family scene was in full effect.

girls 600x571 1
9199 600x410 1

And some fun little rollers.

johnny 600x416 1

Goleta goodness.

fig1 666x395 1

We had a fun mix of hot summer like days, and cold rainy days. Often both in the same week.

e1 661x360 1
gav peak 3 703x346 1

Kept everything nice and juicy.

gav peak 9 699x506 1
gav peak 17 703x482 1
redrock2 694x465 1
redrock5 600x400 1

The back country got even more rain than we did.
And everybody’s favorite river was running fast and cold.

redrock3 689x462 1

And deep at places.

redrock6 667x486 1

Green grass and swimming holes. Doesn’t get much better….

redrock8 676x453 1
redrock7 709x476 1

And overflowing reservoirs….

gav peak 4 691x434 1

This stretch of coast is unlike any other, from Point Mugu….

gav peak 7 698x492 1

….up to Point Conception.
And when you’re looking at it through the Green Window, it’s even more spectacular.

gav peak 6 600x450 1

So rest assured, when you’re done self isolating, there’s a big beautiful world waiting out there.

gav peak 2 600x451 1

And when you do get out there, please remember to pick up your poop bags….
We’re begging you.

crazy clouds 706x459 1

Viva Goleta!