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Guessing Game

Guessing Game

1065 600x326 1

With the memory of a winter full of waves still fresh in our heads, the morning surf checks
have become a little bit of a challenge.  Breaks that had seemed to be a sure thing for
months on end, have now gone flat or funky.

785 600x392 1

Wind swells are the order of the day, and with them comes….wind.
It’s all about getting it while the wind isn’t actually on it.

979 555x347 1
897 435x306 1
2339 600x457 1

Whether you get a clean session or not, depends on the weather.
And sometimes it can change during your session.

1066 600x422 1
11104 600x461 1

This afternoon had its moments, unfortunately they happened before we got there….
But these guys made weak conditions still fun to watch.

1255 600x498 1
1351 450x332 1
2236 510x340 1

No real lines were coming in, mostly jumbled peaks.
Quick drops and disappearing waves.

2439 570x480 1
otto42 525x373 1

Dave Oettinger paddled out reluctantly and got a few fun ones.

otto22 440x314 1
otto7 600x390 1
2736 600x382 1
2637 600x391 1
3923 600x347 1

Another day, another place.
Only one guy out. Luckily it was Bobby Morris, so we had something to shoot.

1207 600x592 1
2184 600x449 1

As you can tell, this day the wind was not an issue…..yet.

3152 600x370 1
5131 600x393 1

Bobby’s been travelling a lot, as usual, so he’s glad to be home for a while.

6a3 563x600 1
1846 600x424 1
2185 600x327 1
2440 465x330 1
2539 600x401 1

We rarely travel, but we’re always glad to be home….

898 660x306 1
3333 600x424 1
2836 465x334 1

Random Note: Remember Captain Video?
Found this on the beach. It’s gotta be a few years old….

980 600x330 1

Another day, another place.
Two amigos, Daniel Prichard and Micaiah Furukawa, find a wind free environment.

3153 600x476 1

And after a quick snack, they enjoy it, all to themselves.

4141 600x353 1
6103 585x600 1

Looks like Daniel’s enjoying himself.

786 498x510 1
899 600x397 1

Micaiah eyes an empty canvas.
Looks like it  might be slightly offshore…

5132 600x546 1

So there’s what we saw in early summer, 2010.
You may have got more better surf, or less worse surf.
At this point, it’s a guessing game.