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Happy Hour

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TGI Friday, October 29th, 2010.
We got reports of wave action, so we grabbed a couple beers and some seeds and
mosied on down to good ole College Point after work to check it out.
Happy hour, Goleta style.

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Our sources were right. There were some fun sets on the high tide and the
crowd wasn’t too thick, for Campus standards.

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Doug Yartz was there, in the thick of it, getting his share of fun ones.

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There was also a handful of guys around the corner, working the lefts
and enjoying a slight offshore effect.

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Most the guys were packed in a fairly small area, but for the most part,
they managed to stay clear of one another.

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For the most part…

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Surfing Campus as much as he does, Doug’s used to this kind of stuff.
No shortage of Costco boards out there…

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Marcos Smith was scoring a lot of fun rides.
All that time he spends in the water is starting to pay off.

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Suddenly, from way behind he rocks, comes a speed blur across a wave. Tyler Anderson was here. Surfing the sames waves as the other guys, but in a very different way.

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Tyler makes his own boards with a Monarch label,
and they certainly get him moving down the line quickly.

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I know, dude, we’re sorry, but we love this shot…

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You gotta love this guy; Costco board, bare back, and he was charging it hard,
dropping into most anything. And getting a lot of fun ones…

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Let’s take a moment to talk about the rocks at Campus Point.
They get no respect. Running into them would certainly screw you up.
Yet people drop in right on top of them, totally ignoring them.
Marcos Smith, doing just that.

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Julio Lorda was flirting with them..

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Tyler surfs around them with as much ease as we navigate through our living room furniture.

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We missed the shot of the day when a kid dove out of a wave, leaving his
Costco board to skip accross the rocks. Darn.

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And then there are guys like Mark Morey, who actually taunts the rocks as he goes by..

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There were a lot of students out and about, getting ready for the start of a long
Halloween weekend.

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We’re going to assume that this guy’s from a foreign country…

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Marcos Smith.

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So as the sun dropped lower, and we finished our last beer,
happy hour began to wind down.

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Marcos again!

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So far, so good, as far as this winters waves go.

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Viva Goleta.

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