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Heat Waves

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The weekend of June 21st and 22nd, 2008, officially rang in summer. Not just on the
calendar, but at the beach also.
Record breaking weather accompanied by warm water and an ambitious south swell
all added up to a weekend custom made for any beach bum. There was just nowhere
better to be than on the coast.

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Of course, the southern swells don’t exactly nail Goleta’s beaches with their full
force, but there are a few windows that allow some juice to sneak through. And a
little drive up or down the coast can make a world of difference.

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The conditions were perfect all weekend with little to no wind keeping the walls
nice and glassy. And no sign of June Gloom!

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Meanwhile, in our backyard, there was enough swell showing to have a good time, and
with the heat pounding, anything would do.

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These guys showed up with their brand new custom K-Mart longboards to
work on their stunt surfing maneuvers.

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They say the best surfer is the one having the most fun. These guys were
definitely the best surfers out this day.
Then again they usually are. That’s Bobby Morris and Ryan Nufer, enjoying the
spirit of summer by taking a day to just screw around in warm little waves.

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Things got serious for a minute when one of the local heavies, Vinnie Leonelli,
paddled out into the lineup. But he gave the boys the OK to keep goofing.

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And so, they did.
Viva Verano, Viva Goleta.