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January Heat

January Heat

aw 2 420x191 1

It all started on Friday, January 11th.
You could tell it was going to be a good weekend. The swell was growing and the heat was pleasing.
Sands, two guys out.

aw 1 435x376 1

By Saturday morning, it was on.
As usual nowadays, the swell was expected and advertised heavily.
No surf spot was left untouched.

151 645x333 1
230 645x321 1

But the surf was there.
Some long lulls, but healthy sets,and that kept everybody interested.
West Goleta, January 12th, 2008

321 645x254 1
420 615x327 1

Murf O’Dean, above, in the slot.

519 585x248 1
615 615x347 1
813 615x315 1

David Beerman, finger draggin on the wall.

aw 5 615x264 1

Photos from a cheesy water camera.

aw 6 615x195 1
der 2 615x221 1

Check out the glass.

aw 615x193 1
der 5 615x314 1

The beach was getting mighty crowded at high tide.

jim 1 600x246 1
jim 2 600x316 1
jim 4 600x299 1

Jim Daniels enjoyed a good long ride, until someone decided his turn was over.

jim 8 600x310 1
715 510x270 1

Time to move on.

der 600x258 1

Saturday afternoon, the finals of a High School competition
was winding down at Campus Point.

IMGP4781 510x339 1
IMGP4765 600x423 1
IMGP4778 600x331 1

The swell was still showing, but not as powerful as earlier in the day.

IMGP4768 600x294 1
IMGP4779 600x361 1

This guy wasn’t in the contest, but he still won.

IMGP4767 600x317 1

This was taken from the tip of Campus Point. Clear day, big frickin’ ship.
USS Ronald Reagan.