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Little Waves, Big Beauty

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Surf in Goleta lately has been pretty minimal, so we dug up some pictures from a few
months ago of a pretty little morning session.

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We took a leisurely stroll out to Plover Point to catch a few waves and enjoy the beginning of a new day.

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We were between swells, but we figured there would be something to surf.
And if not, a great morning for a walk.

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As a wise man once said before the Internet was invented, “You don’t know until you go”….

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Sands had some rare sets and a very small crowd.

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And a slight offshore made the conditions ideal.

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And a handful of folks were enjoying clean but very shallow take offs at the point.

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Some little lines were holding their shape down into the cove, if you had a long enough board.

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Nothing to write home about, but better than a sharp stick in the eye…

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Which is why we didn’t post these photos months ago….
But, the underlying theme of all these photos is, we live in a Beautiful Place!
Surf, or no surf.

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So we braved the mellow crowd, caught a few little peelers and were about to leave when…

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This silhouette caught my eye.

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Someone was doing beautiful things with these marginal little waves.

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Giving me a reason to stick around a little longer.

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It was Sierra Emrick, a fine young surfer that we have run into out here before.

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And she was having a good old time goofing on these little waves.

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Female longboarders have such elegant style. We always enjoy watching them.

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Just another amazing morning in good old Goleta.

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