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Locals Only

Locals Only

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On a recent winter morning, we had planned to meet a friend at a remote West
Goleta spot for an early morning session. The swell had been strong all week
and was rapidly diminishing, so we didn’t expect to see too many people.

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We awoke to an absolutely perfect morning. Very little wind, sunshine
and the green grass of winter standing up proud.

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It is here we’d like to tell you that if you’re looking for surfing pictures, this page has none.
We did get some decent surf, but the biggest stoke of the morning came from the natural
beauty and abundant wildlife that was out and enjoying the winter sunshine.

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We got to see the true locals of the Gaviota Coast, relaxing in the
comfort of their own home.

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The wind kicked up hard, distorting the last of the decent lines that
struggled to roll in.

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But that didn’t seem to bother the locals. In fact, they seemed to be
thoroughly enjoying the powerful winds.

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We used the blown out surf as an excuse to just play around with the camera
and take lots of pictures of the scenery.

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These two dudes were looking like they might mix it up, but they just kept a close
eye on each other.
More and more, sea otters are becoming part of the regular scenery on the
Gaviota Coast.

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Yeah, we know, we took a lot of pictures of scenery. But it was an unreal day,
and these bluffs may not always look like this.
So enjoy them as they are now.

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So there you go, a whole page on Goleta Surfing without a single photo of a surfer.
Viva Goleta.

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