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Most Unusual Day

Most Unusual Day

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November 29th, 2005. Just another beautiful autumn day in Goleta for most folks. For
these three amigos, however, a most unusual day was in store. An early arrival to a
remote and renown surf spot found only marginal surf with perfect offshore conditions.

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As they suited up and watched the sets roll in, they noticed a strange,
other worldly shape on the horizon.

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As the amigos debated what the apparition could possibly be, they noticed
something even more exciting ; the waves were growing!

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Needless to say, the ominous figure looming on the horizon was quickly forgotten,
and all focus was on the task at hand; SURF!

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The offshore winds blew with such force, extra effort was required to pierce through the
veil of rushing air.

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Once in, the ride was incredible. Not to mention, they had it all to themselves.

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Too many waves, not enough people. What a problem.

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After lunch and a beer, they paddled back out for more, alone. Where the hell was

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Eventually, the amigos were spent. A couple of other guys showed up and took
over, but the tide was changing, and the size was dropping.

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As they stumbled back to reality, they paused for one last look at the
empty lineup, and one last look at a most unusual day.