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No Mask Required pt.2

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So while there were plenty of waves, sometimes we have the need for some solitude.

tequepis waterfall 3 600x494 1

Lucky for us, we live in Goleta, and there are lots of places to go and hide.

solitude2 668x449 1

And in the springtime, these places are at their best.

teqepis trail 1 700x344 1

Just a short drive from the beach and we’re on top of the coastal range.

teqepis trail 29 619x446 1

That little bit of white water is where we just were in No Mask Required pt.1.

teqepis trail 3 668x373 1

And down the other side is Cachuma.

pano 705x156 1

If you really try, you can get a photo with Cachuma on the left,(barely), and the Pacific on the right.

manzana river 5 680x455 1

Back in the next mountain range, a whole new world opens up.

manzana river 3 684x392 1
3405 705x355 1

The more effort you put in, the better it gets…

quiksilvermine 710x391 1
9200 704x445 1
toad day 1 600x444 1

The late spring rains gave the back country creeks a lot to work with.

jumps 691x444 1
riverbike 5 636x551 1

And we made the most of it…..safely, of course.

teqepis trail 24 600x403 1
tequepis waterfall 2 291x600 1
gibraltor dam3 680x455 1
gibraltor dam2 600x400 1

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the green hills and flowing water…

tequepis waterfall 5 509x411 1

There’s a whole world of creatures, hiding in the nooks and crannies.

tequepis waterfall 6 600x394 1

California Mountain King Snakes.

eagle 600x395 1

Bald Eagles,

nute4 682x532 1

Friendly Newts,

nute2 600x442 1

Horny Newts,

good toad 688x461 1

Extremely loud and large Toads,

snake22 600x408 1
snake3 688x461 1

Snakes that like to swim….

carp3 641x381 1

Lots of fish. Mostly Carp I think.

carp7 600x401 1

Where do they go when the creeks dry up?

ducks 709x416 1

….families of Ducks,

riverbike 7 600x450 1

….and a few humans.

reina 699x489 1

Meanwhile, back down at the coast….

ellwoodbluffs 699x469 1

Spring and early Summer are always nice at the beach.
Before the notorious June Gloom kicks in.

r beach 600x431 1

We love the cold, empty beaches early in the morning.

bluff spring 719x378 1

And the green bluffs are a joy to behold.

artist 2 648x449 1

One day, while walking on a fairly remote beach, we spied an artist up on the bluff,
deeply involved with his artistic endeavor.

artist5 600x430 1

We ventured a little closer to try to see what he was working on…

artis4t 678x460 1

With the right lens, I could catch a glimpse of his canvas.

artist3 706x473 1

Pretty good!
Anybody identify this artist?

osprey 670x484 1

A majestic Osprey screeched his approval from above.

osprey 2 678x412 1

Seems like we’ve been seeing a lot of these guys lately.

peeler2 684x444 1

Further down the beach, another kind of artist was making something good out of almost nothing.

peeler3 698x418 1

And having tons of fun in just a few inches of water.

happy dog 714x494 1

So the moral of the story, despite all the strange circumstances we are experiencing,
fun is where you find it, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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Now put your mask back on and get back to work 🙂