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No Mask Required

nape6 714x334 1

Since March, our lives have changed, but we’ve all heard enough about that.
Instead, here are some photos of how some Goleta folk made the most of their social distancing.

stoker2 687x415 1

There has been some fairly consistent surf.

sands day 8 600x410 1

The downside to that was that no one was going to work or school, so you usually had lots of company.

sands day 4 666x417 1

Looks like about 6 feet apart, good job guys….

sands day 2 600x406 1
sands day 5 600x376 1

There was some late season swell that made for a solid week of surf in May.

sands day 11 600x350 1

Well, there were waves

sands day 13 674x375 1

And all the “Shelter In Place” business was just a memory.
Unless that place was the beach…

sands day 16 693x393 1

Paramedic, droppin’ in….

fog2 699x432 1

The fog came and went a few days, which usually cuts the crowd  down a lot.
Definitely makes surf photography a challenge…

windswell 7 687x369 1

But June was when the windswells popped up.

11216 653x396 1

June 15th we showed up not expecting much, and we’re pleasantly surprised by clean
and decent sized surf. And not too crowded!

windswell 20 682x414 1
windswell 19 557x329 1
windswell 14 656x457 1
windswell 6 646x434 1
stoker3 650x436 1

When you see Randall Stoker posted up, you know you’re in the right place.

stokers view2jpg 652x501 1

Stoker was holding court with the crew, and enjoying the view, as always…

v machine2 675x337 1

And he was watching folks shred on his namesake boards, the Stoker V-Machine.

v machine 672x462 1

Yes, they are as fun as they look….

windswell 10 699x400 1
bikini 600x397 1

The water temp had climbed up a bit, so you could wear your bikini surfing.

windswell 9 690x386 1

Or just board shorts….

windswell 8 688x438 1

Technically I guess you could say he was trunking it…

windswell 11 600x357 1
windswell 13 600x397 1

Plenty of waves to be had.

windswell 17 649x334 1
cappy 694x457 1

Another Goleta Surfing Legend paddled out, Cappy Pettersen.
Another sign we were at the right place today.

nick 663x424 1

But the guy that stole the show while we were there was Nick Cook,
riding what looked like a 10 foot twin-fin fish.

nick32 600x435 1
nick4 600x348 1
nick5 600x366 1

Just gliding through.

nick6 721x399 1

Scoring style points and making it look real fun.

nick7 600x355 1
campus lagoon 681x390 1
sands and dev 7 676x437 1

The June windswell lasted several days,
but the conditions were never as perfect as that first day.

sands and dev 12 654x401 1
sands and dev 14 653x407 1
sands and dev 9 674x424 1
sands and dev 11 689x404 1

Please don’t drop in on me….

sands and dev 15 600x475 1

This young man seemed to establish an intimate relationship with a cormorant.

sands and dev 6 668x423 1

They shared that rock for quite some time…

cormorant love 600x464 1

He even introduced it to some of his friends….

sands and dev 4 684x412 1

Meanwhile, the wind had made such an impression on the Channel that waves were
peeling around the corner and into the cove.

sands and dev 5 704x377 1
sands and dev 2 600x369 1

Nice and clean in the cove.

twohey boys 9 692x376 1

Just as we were packing up to leave, these two gentlemen came on the scene.
We could tell they meant business…

twohey boys 7 600x371 1

They were on a mission.

twohey boys 3 716x411 1

We watched as Matt Twohey effortlessly  pushed his son Ansel into a lifetime of stoke.

twohey boys 5 696x478 1

These guys reminded us what surfing is all about.

twohey boys 4 682x442 1

Having fun! Good clean fun.

twohey boys 2 600x378 1

Ansel took a few all the way to the beach, and we could tell he was hooked.

twohey boys 6 600x304 1

Getting down into the barrel….

twohey boys 1 668x435 1

And the dismount. Bravo!
What a great thing to witness. Thanks for letting us share these Matt.

clouds2 689x462 1

So it was a good couple months of surf. Virus be damned….

sunset5 675x311 1

Viva Goleta.