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Octoberfest 2009

Octoberfest 2009

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For the third year in a row, October brought Goleta the lovely combination of warm weather,
warm water and lots of surf. Our journey begins with an amazing sunrise at Goleta Beach.

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Ever since the rain storm the week before, there have been waves pretty much
non stop. These guys got on it bright and early.

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With all the waves, the GPA at UCSB must have plummeted. Look at all the heads in the
water below Isla Vista!
UCSB = Usually Crowded Surf Breaks.

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As the week went on, crowds thinned out. That’s the nice thing about lots of
waves. All kinds of different spots were breaking, up and down the coast.

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The days are getting shorter, but the sunsets are getting prettier.

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As the month passed, the weather did begin to cool down, as did water temps.
Probably another reason the crowds were thinning out.

1a3 540x312 1

Plus, a lot of guys got sick from surfing in the first rain runoff….

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And oh yeah, don’t forget the swine flu….

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All these factors add up to a spacious line up.
Above is Campus Point, a freaky, near empty, Campus Point.

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Just a few guys were on it this day. It was strange and sectiony, but some of
the sections were good.

1934 600x299 2

Parker Davies found some of the good sections.

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As did Vinny Leonelli.

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This guy did a good job of negotiating his way through the rocks…
we think…

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Cool crisp autumn day in Goleta. Hot sun and a cool breeze.

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1738 435x367 1

Parker Davies strikes again.

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Meanwhile, around the corner, the waves were even faster.

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And Marcos Smith managed to put himself in just the right spot.

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The cool evening breeze was going straight offshore, so we didn’t even smell
this rotting seal carcass. Yummy.

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It didn’t seem to bother the boys in the line up.

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4415 440x432 1

Joseph Yee doing a good job of repping his logo.
That’s Point Concept Surfboards.

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Bodyboarders, spongers, dickdraggers, call them what you will; we call this guy barrelled.

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Obligatory sunset photos.
Sorry, we can’t help it…

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Local surf legend and artist  Jeff ” Bullet” Campbell  got in on the action as well.

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And last but not least, we found Bobby Morris at a remote location, enjoying
some quality time.

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As we head into winter, it looks like we may be in for a good one.
Come on, El Nino……