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Old Town Park

wallis2 659x495 1

Finally, Goleta finished the park in Old Town Goleta! It’s been in the works since 2011.
It’s called Jonny Wallis Park after one of the founders of the city of Goleta, and an Old Town resident.

skater 666x392 1

And guess what, it has a little skate park!
A lot of folks spent a lot of time convincing the city we need a skate park, and they listened.

play1 651x424 1

The park’s brand new, so everything is fresh and clean, and it’s getting a lot of use, all day, everyday.

basketball 670x448 2

Its got a full  basketball court.

court 600x386 1

Pickle Ball….

pingpong 600x353 1

A couple of ping pong tables…..

bbq 600x404 1

Picnic areas with bbqs….

bikepath 660x433 1

A brand new bike path that runs along the San Jose Creek and will eventually
go under the freeway to Calle Real!

skate rules 536x414 1

And, last but not least, a skate park.

goletaskateparkbankside1 667x377 1

We asked our favorite pro skater, Micaiah Furukawa, what he thought of the new skate park.
Being a Goleta boy, he was super stoked, and he sent us a few photos and his thoughts.

micaiahfurukawabslipslide2 600x461 1

Micaiah gave it one thumb up and one thumb down. “For the size it is, it’s good. I’m super
appreciative and happy that we have a skatepark.” It was well planned and the elements are well
placed. But, there are way to many people in Goleta that will be wanting to use it, so it will likely
just be too crowded a lot of the time. And a crowded skatepark can be hazardous.
Hopefully, there are more being planned for Goleta….

davedixonswitchfsnosegrind1 676x464 1

He and fellow Powell Peralta skater Dave Dixon put the little park through the paces.

davedixonbsnosebluntslide2 600x535 1

Of course you don’t have to skate like these guys to enjoy it…

goletaskateparkbankside2 600x426 1

Skaters of all ages and abilities can enjoy it, and every time we go by,
there are lots of guys doing just that!

court2 600x525 1

So congratulations to the city of Goleta for getting it done and giving the people what they want!
Go check it out….