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Out West

Once upon a time, not too long ago, in a land not too far away, there existed a place where a few friends
could go to get away from it all. A special place with wide open spaces and long empty waves.

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Even if the waves weren’t great, it was still great to get away from the maddening crowds and the hustle and
hassle of the Rincons and the Campus Points. Even knee high surf would make for a great session, due to the
relaxed environment.

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The place was in Western Goleta and had the name of a European city. Most folks didn’t know of it,

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Those who knew about it, knew it was just a matter of time. Until the developers got a hold of it, then the
environmentalists would publicize it, then the masses would be all over it, demanding public access.
Nothing new here. Same story, over and over, through the years. Ask any surfer over 40.

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So if you still have spot like that, enjoy it. Be careful who you tell about it, but enjoy it with a few close
friends, because the time you spend there will be in your memories the rest of your life. And it’s just a
matter of time…..

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Photos by David Powdrell