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Random Offerings

Random Offerings

Well, as of mid December, 2008, we haven’t been overwhelmed by winter swells, yet.
We’re hoping a good winter lies ahead of us, but in the meantime, we’ve assembled a
collection of random photos from the past couple of months.

2107 600x401 1

These are from a pretty evening at Depressions.
Clouds were hanging over the sun until this moment, when the sun broke through
and illuminated these clean little waves from behind.
Unsurfable, but nice to look at…..

459 600x318 1
830 600x395 1

Surf dogs enjoying the sunset.

933 600x335 1

A beauty of a winter morning at Coal Oil Point.
It was crystal clear early, but the fog bank was rolling in fast.

sands9 600x385 1

The same morning, around the corner.

naples1 600x401 1

These two shots are also the same morning, further up the coast.
Did a lot of searching for surf this morning…

naples 600x349 1
1028 600x373 1

Eventually, we found some decent waves…Persistence pays off.

1136 600x392 1

Weekend at Campus.
Looks like dad is exposing a young one to the joys of the surf lifestyle. Classic.
We’d love to hear what questions were being asked right here.
This kid will probably remember this day forever.

sadsky 450x343 1

This was that night the moon and a couple of planets lined up and
made a sad face. Probably not a good omen….

2109 510x453 1

These are from an evening at a favorite beach.
Just a few friends out, fun little waves and no worries.
You don’t always need epic conditions to have an epic session.

376 439x451 1
461 570x386 1
831 575x456 1

Bobby Morris

2121 600x335 1
377 600x401 1
1029 600x323 1

There’s no place like home.

hask2 600x331 1
2122 600x380 1

These are from a warm autumn day.
No surf, but so warm, a dip in the ocean was required. Upon closer inspection, there
were some perfect waves, just too small to actually ride. But not too small to mind surf!

1030 600x358 1
549 525x394 1

Santa Claus Lane perfection.

1224 600x400 1
834 495x365 1