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Road Trip

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All right. We don’t want to whine……but this winter is not working out surf wise…
So rather than sitting around and being grumpy, we hit the road. If the surf won’t come
to us, we’ll go to it. And only an hour or so north, we found it.

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We know, this site’s called GOLETA surfing, but mother nature hasn’t provided Goleta with any
surfing material lately. So we justify this page with;
You can take the boy out of Goleta, but you can’t take the Goleta out of the boy. Therefore, we took
our Goleta mentality to Pismo Beach, and respectfully borrowed some of their beautiful waves…..

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And this guy was surfing a Randy Cone board, that’s pure Goleta right there.

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We got out there early, before the sun. And the sunrise was amazing, but man, it was
cold. The thermometer in the car just said “ice”. That’s never a good sign…
But, whatever, there was surf!

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This dude must be a local. No booties, no hood, and probably no feeling.

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As the day progressed, it warmed up a little, but not much.
Still, gorgeous and crystal clear.

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Lots of fun, clean and chilly little waves.

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This couple was making out on the pier the whole time.

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Nothing beats the feeling you get after a fun early morning surf in cold water.
Your senses are alive, your blood is pumping and you’re ready for a big
breakfast. And to have a view like this…..icing on the cake.

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And at the end of the day, it’s easy to see, we are lucky to live on the central coast of California.
Very Lucky.