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SO LONG 2020

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December 2020 brought us surf, and the end of a long, ugly year.

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One early December day, we found a few local boys dominating the line up at Campus Point.

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Vinny Leonelli, Brian Switzer and Sam Harden were making the most of a weak swell,
but it was only the beginning of a long run of waves.

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The afternoon sun made for a nice backdrop to the mellow scene.

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The mellow was about to end, however. This winter is going to be crowded.

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Covid crowds.
Students without classrooms and people without jobs have discovered surfing.
Or maybe they already knew about it, but now they’ve got lots of spare time to do it.

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Places that used to be special and sacred are now just another surf spot on the Instagram feed.

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From dawn to dusk, beaches are now busy places.

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But let’s not focus on that….

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Surfing for me has always been about getting out in nature and enjoying my surroundings,
and it will continue to be that way.

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Solo sessions are still possible, usually right under everyone’s nose.

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Bobby Morris and Stephan Rondepierre had a fun morning in late December.

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Crowds are never really an issue for Bobby.

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Folks are usually quite courteous towards him.

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Stephen got some fun ones as well.

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And Bobby just keeps getting better.

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December had a lot of beautiful sunsets and a big moon.

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The waves just keep coming, so 2021 should be off to a great start.

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Surfing is more popular than ever….

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So join the party….

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