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South East Baja

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Some of the Goleta Surfing staff were lucky enough to make a run down into Mexico recently.
The surf was small to medium, but the water was nice and toasty and so inviting.
So while we surfed everyday, we didn’t photograph much. And there’s your warning-
No Surf Pictures Ahead.

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With the taste of a nice Bloody Mary tingling on our lips, we looked down to see this.
Vamos a la playa!

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Clearly the first order of business; Una caja de frias para llevar.
That’s supposed to mean a case of cold ones, to go.

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Second order of business: snackamentes.
They always got the cutting edge chips down there.

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Another one of the highlights of going to Los Cabos is you get to cruise one of these cool little
pickups on bumpy dirt roads. Good fun.
There was some sort of surf show in Cabo San Lucas, so all the “industry” yahoos were zipping
around in their suburbans with windows rolled up and fresh stickers slapped on the windows.
We were proudly rocking this baby with a National Car Rental sticker on the side. Oh yeah.

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A quick stop at the surf shop in San Jose and we see they’re still wearing our sticker.
Not sure when we put that there, but it’s been years.
And that Whalebone dude is infringing on some copyrights….

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The drive up the cape is always interesting, especially when you slow down and check it out.

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Letting your cattle graze in the desert has always puzzled me.
Looks like a bag of soup bones.

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Not sure what type of lizards these are, but they are feisty, they run on their hind legs
and they love to play Chicken with the car tires.

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These are the friendliest locals we’ve ever met. Too friendly almost..

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Finally, we reach our humble abode.
It looked a lot different on the website……

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But the accommodations had real porcelain; that’s all that matters.

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The welcoming committee was waiting to surprise us in the closet.
It’s not squished, that’s how it looks. And it was large.

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The main attraction was the water. And we wasted no time getting there.
And we spent the majority of the time in there.

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And since we surfed alone everyday, just me and Spartacus, only one surf photo was taken.
I wasn’t gonna sit on that hot beach when I could be in the water!

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A new addition this trip was a lending library right at the most popular surf spot.
How thoughtful ….and random.

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We ran into some local guys free diving around the point.
Later, on the beach, we asked what they got.

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They scored a variety of fish and shellfish, but the highlight was this well endowed stingray.
They called it a donkey ray….

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Oh, and these…which we purchased and ate.
These are some Mexican bugs we can live with.

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Every evening brought an amazing sunset show and the rise of a nearly full moon.

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Warm nights, bright moonlight and a little tequila can make for some interesting photo shoots.

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Someday, I might be this guy. Living on the beach year round.
But for now, we’re content with an occasional taste of the Baja life.

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Harshly beautiful.

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This page is dedicated to my Pops, who recently
told me he wished he would have traveled more.
Now you can come with us.
RIP, Ralphie.