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Spring Blowout

Spring Blowout

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After a nice wet winter, Spring 2011 brought Goleta green grass, wildflowers, flowing creeks
and wind. Lots of wind.

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This was an all too common view when checking surf for the past couple of months.
Not a pretty sight, unless you’re really into flying kites.

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Lucky for us, we live in a place that offers a lot of different recreational opportunities.
So when the beach is uninviting, we head for the hills.

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When the creeks are raging, access to the back country can be limited.
But if you plan for it, limited access can be a blessing in disguise.

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This particular day we threw the bikes in the truck and where the road ended,
the fun began.

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Usually, Paradise Road on a Saturday is a circus we prefer to avoid; drunken
masses, boomboxes blaring and lots of garbage floating by in the river. But
with a closed road, the riffraff went elsewhere, and left only the turtles, ducks
and a few happy people.

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Another windy beach day found us deeper in the hills.

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The Manzana River was raging and there were very few people around.

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Spring is the best time in the mountains. Plenty of water and not too many bugs.

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Eventually, we got a weekend without wind and we managed to find some fun surf.

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