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Storm Window

Storm Window

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February 7th, 2009
After a couple of days of nice, steady rain, the anticipated swell showed up
right on schedule. An early morning surf check showed “Victory at Sea”
conditions, but by afternoon, things cleaned up nicely.

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839 570x389 1

By mid afternoon, the wind had died and blue sky prevailed. Because the swell
was so well predicted, there were surfers at even the most remote locales.
But at this spot, the majority of set waves went unridden.

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2018 600x310 1
2319 500x385 1
2216 540x334 1
2128 600x397 1
2517 600x373 1

Despite the great surf, the crowds weren’t too bad.
Our guess is the masses checked it in the morning, and wrote it off
due to the foul conditions. Who knew it would clean up so quick!
Just made it that much better for these guys.

2714 600x440 1
3015 525x440 1
3118 600x387 1
3611 405x338 1
3710 465x393 1
407 600x349 1

This guy got some fun ones. He’s burying the rail deep here…..

4211 600x452 1
4112 600x316 1
4410 555x360 1
4510 615x471 1

The dude above is getting pretty stylish sliding on some nice glass, while the
guy below is watching the roof cave in on him. Hope he kept his mouth closed,
that’s some fresh creek mud mixed in there…

4310 645x456 1
487 600x357 1
506 600x362 1
754 450x300 1

Which brings up another reason the lineup probably wasn’t too crowded. Lots of surfers
realize that the first solid rain of the year is when all the gutters and creeks get
flushed out into the ocean, increasing the chances of getting some sort of infection.
Many surfers, however, don’t seem to be too concerned with such matters.

5410 600x375 1

We at Goleta Surfing don’t recommend paddling out right after the first rain of the year.
Especially if you surf with your tongue hanging out…..

5510 600x424 1
5210 525x473 1
5112 525x356 1
586 600x492 1

As the afternoon wore on, a slight offshore breeze kicked up, making things even better
for surfing and for photography.

596 600x388 1
6111 600x416 1
6210 600x481 1

Now there’s a nice drop.

674 600x313 1
684 435x283 1
7111 600x445 1
703 600x434 1
694 600x379 1

So take these nice waves and add an offshore breeze and top it off with that
cloud formation and you can see why we took way too many pictures this day.

744 600x326 1
803 600x401 1
7210 495x331 1
8310 600x361 1
9110 600x401 1

Sunday Morning we got out early to find the stormy conditions had
returned. The front end of the next system was moving in.

9210 600x380 1

After a short tour of some western Goleta spots, we ended up at good old Campus.
It was somewhat protected from the cold northern wind, at least for a while.

902 600x401 1
844 600x391 1

But the swell had diminished a lot, and the conditions were crumbling rapidly.
Shen Meinhold was owning the rock up top, making the most of every set.

854 600x335 1
864 600x404 1
893 600x338 1

By late morning Sunday, the wind was just too much to contend with.
So if you were lucky enough to be on it Saturday afternoon, you got the cream
of the swell. At least that’s our humble opinion.
Here’s to the next one!

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