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Strange Light

Strange Light

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The surf situation in Goleta has not been ideal for a website about surfing in Goleta.
That being said, there have still been some beautiful days and evenings this summer.

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As you’ve probably heard, half the fun of surfing is the adventure, and even when the
waves aren’t ideal, being at the beach on most any evening, is always memorable.

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This particular evening in August, some unusual clouds were hanging out, making
for some eerie lighting. Although the wind swell was barely making enough waves
for a few die hard locals to scratch out a session, it was still a fine sight to behold.

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A grand total of four guys were out at Sands.
Paul and Vinny Leonelli, Connor Lundy and Ian Jenkins.
They were showing their dedication and love for the sport.

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And they were having fun.

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This is why these guys shred. They aren’t gonna miss a session just because
the surf’s not pumping. They’ll get in it, and they’ll get better from doing so.

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A small day surfing’s always better than a big day at work….

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