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Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

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Summer in Goleta.
Now that it’s about over, we can look back fondly and say, ” Wow, that sucked.”
All right, it was a nice summer, but surf wise; one of the worst. We had a lot of
grumpy surf rats wandering around without a purpose in life.
Paul Leonelli, above, surfing with a purpose.

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Fortunately, there were a few little tidbits of surfable waves to be found.
But you had to be on it everyday. The surf forecasters are worthless for wind swell prediction.
Tim Bolton, above and below.

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923 525x396 1

Still, we live in a beautiful place, and that can’t be too bad.

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Looking at the bright side of several months of absolute flatness, it does give
surfers an opportunity to explore other interests.
There are other things to do, you know…

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Fishing, kayaking, paddling, hiking, boogie skim boarding at Red Rock;
the possibilities are plentiful.

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That’s all fine and good.
But still, nothing compares to gliding effortlessly along a sunlit liquid wall
that’s constantly changing it’s shape and form; no matter how small.

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1022 540x361 1

So adios summer.
We’ll miss your warm water and long days, but we’re ready to see what fall
has to offer…

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Vinnie Leonelli and Bobby Morris

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