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Sweet Marie

Sweet Marie

hurricane 370x489 2

So by now, everybody knows about this senorita from the south.
Maria, or Marie, as the gringos called her, came close enough for us to feel her presence
Down south she created a Big Wednesday and huge surf pounded the masses.

Up here she gave us winter sized waves with summertime conditions, forcing her way into spots that
are usually reserved for northern storms. Even the most fickle spots were energized by Marie, as seen
in this video of Gabe Venturelli’s wave of the day at Sandspit.

w222 669x366 1

A pretty perfect day to play hookey.

w17 661x371 1
7178 600x343 1

We stayed holed up in the safety of one of Goleta’s little nooks and crannies,
enjoyed the sunshine and warm water, and let the show come to us.

1699 680x317 1
13122 600x401 1
oliverparker22 2 672x357 1

Warm water, hot sun, and beautiful green water; it felt like we were back in Mexico.

1984 661x353 1
2370 544x445 1
w6 688x351 1
41104 657x400 1

Still, lots of guys were wearing full suits.
Given our long flat summers, that’s probably all most local surfers own.

don1 641x370 1
5931 646x309 1
w32 668x378 1
12130 666x418 1

Peter Berkey seemed to be enjoying himself.

5206 600x370 1
3449 670x496 1

On a couple different boards.

4731 692x360 1
9157 693x339 1
3281 674x390 1

The Goleta boys were getting their share of fun ones, like Kennedy Stone.

trav 641x414 1

Travis Brooks.

trav3 600x383 1
evan1 600x401 1

Evan Fuller.

jeff2 600x413 1

Jeff Pixley.

jeff4 600x392 1

Riding a Loose Cannon.

vinny52 653x391 1

Vinny Leonelli.

1b2 662x457 1

With the only air of the day, that we saw….

vinny23 630x502 1
vinny62 637x443 1
2369 701x430 1

Parker Waugh got some beauties.

2768 660x443 1
2868 658x382 1
14106 658x336 1
nick3 600x413 1

Nick Eggemeyer had time for a few.

wayne 600x314 1

Mr. Wayne Rich hung out most the afternoon with us, enjoying the day and the company.

wayne1 627x334 1
wayne5 600x328 1

And some fun rides as well.

wayne6 600x390 1
6024 600x388 1
6224 600x401 1

It wasn’t a real tubey day, but Adrian Evarts managed to find one.

don3 560x465 1 1

Donovan Maccarone gave us quite a show with his switch stance surfing.

don4 600x359 2
don8 661x380 2

Then he whipped out a Boogie Board ….

don14 600x311 2

And got hoots from the beach on that little piece of foam.

don11 600x401 2
don7 600x270 2
don13 600x433 2
karen 600x369 2

Karen Seade got some fun insiders.

oliverparker11 600x388 2

Then there was this guy…. Oliver Parker.

oliverparke16r 600x387 2

We’d never had the pleasure of seeing Oliver surf before and it was fun to watch.

oliverparke13r 600x383 2

Mostly cuz was having so much fun!

oliverparker20 600x308 2
oliverparker18 600x369 2
oliverparker17 633x424 2
oliverparker 600x401 2
oliverparker1 600x401 2
oliverparker2 600x421 2

Keeping the Old School style fresh and alive..

oliverparker5 600x420 2
oliverparker8 600x388 2
oliverparker24 600x504 2

And still finding the time to slap his buddies hand as he glides past.

oliverparker22 600x381 2
4242 600x371 1
16100 600x401 1

All in all, a mellow vibe filled the air as we all marvelled at the wonder of Marie.

21128 600x309 1

And for the most part, this type of behavior was absent from the line up.

4931 600x365 1
6326 648x369 1
7179 600x398 1

The next evening, things had settled down quite a bit,
but there were still a few fun ones to be had at different spots.

1985 600x401 1
j6 650x427 1
j2 600x340 1

Goleta boy Joe Coffey tucked into a little tube after the sunset.

j42 600x406 1
parker 600x453 1

The evening turned into one of those sessions were everybody knows everybody in the water.
And there weren’t that many everybody’s out.

park 691x367 1

Second generation Goleta surfer, Parker Waugh,
enjoying it to the fullest.

pEKERW 2 600x481 1
pEKERW 4 600x469 1
pEKERW 3 600x433 1
trae1 669x329 1

Another second generation Goleta surfer, Trae Candy, was soaking up the stoke
until well after dark.

TRAE 2 649x429 1